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Assist! I Spend Hours a Day Having Intense Romantic Daydreams. Podcast Episode Expensive Prudence Jan 19, 2024 5:00 AM

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Episode Notes

On this episode, our first-ever married couple, Liz Neely and Ed Yong, be a part of Prudie (Jenée Desmond-Harris) to reply letters from readers about what to do once you uncover your birthday present and hate it, easy methods to keep away from dropping respect for a associate who procrastinates, and whether or not it’s an issue if romantic daydreams are beginning to stifle real-life relationships.

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This podcast is produced by Se’period Spragley Ricks, Daisy Rosario, and Jenée Desmond-Harris, with assist from Maura Currie.

Expensive Prudence is sponsored by BetterHelp.